PEI beach, hole in the rock A view of the beach stretching away to the east. There is usually a hole through the cliff, although from time to time it wears away, and then slowly grows again. There is quite a bit or erosion of the cliffs during the winter, and the point shown in the picture has washed away at least three times since we built the cottages in 1967. The hole shown in this picture continued to get larger for some years, but sadly it had to be destroyed for safety reasons in the summer of 2007. We hope to see it grow again.

sandy PEI beach

The cottages are right at the edge of this beautiful sandy beach. The water is warm and safe for swimming. (Children must be supervised while on the beach, and caution should be used when there are large waves.)

Campfires are permitted on the beach.

in front of cottage #13

This picture of the beach was taken from the sand dunes in front of Cottage 13 (Adams Seaview Cottages). There is a stairway to the beach from this end of the row of cottages, although most of the children prefer to scramble down over the sand dunes.

There is a nice view from the upper Adams Seaview cottages, but the dunes and cliff prevent you from supervising the beach area from the cottage deck. The view from the lower numbered cottages includes more dunes and less water as well as a view of the beach off the the left. However, you still can not supervise children on the beach from the cottage decks.

Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited built the pond and islands in the marsh in front of Barbara’s Seaside Cottages.

Wild ducks and Canada Geese build their nests on the islands in the pond. Guests at Barbara’s Seaside Cottages can walk to the beach down the road. The view includes the ponds, the marsh, and some water. These ponds are excellent for skating in the winter.

hockey on the duck ponds

horse ranch

Our 200 acre farm is mainly devoted to raising registered Quarter Horses. The American Quarter Horse is a breed of horse used mainly for Western style riding. We keep a few brood mares and a stallion, and raise babies for sale. Here Don is visiting with some of the mares and foals.

Donnie and Charlene

Don riding his Quarter Horse, My Charlene, in a horse show.

Donnie fishing

There are many good trout fishing spots nearby. Guides are not necessary on PEI, but you must have a licence.

Don can show you where to fish, and dig worms, and probably even lend you a fishing rod.

There are also deep sea fishing charter boats in the area.


These trout were caught in the Dunk River by a good friend who comes here each year to fish.